image of rapeseed oil used to make Vegetable Glycerin
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Vegetable Glycerin

What is Glycerin?

Skincare formulators like myself, commonly use vegetable glycerin in their products.  Glycerin can also be sourced from animal fat, however, the product I use is made from non gmo rapeseed oil.  Using this ingredient benefits the skin in the following ways:-

  • It helps the skin to retain moisture.

  • Glycerin helps to soften the skin, as well as increasing hydration, therefore it combats dryness.

  • The product also helps to freshen the surface of the skin.

  • Scientists consider Glycerin to be one of the most effective moisturisers after having studied the effectiveness of the product in skincare.   *

  • The humectants in vegetable glycerin attract water into the upper layers of the skin.  The formulator then works to add ingredients to retain that moisture.  There are many oils and waxes which work to form a layer on the skin to stop water loss.

  • Doctors have used glycerin for a number of health concerns.   The FDA has approved Glycerin as an effective treatment for wound and burn treatments, because of it’s properties.  It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

  • The food industry uses Glycerin as a sweetener because it is non toxic.

  • Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered Glycerin in 1779.

 Imago Skincare Products Containing This Ingredient



Image Tea Tree Rescue Lotion in three sizes containing Glycerin
Tea Tree Rescue Lotion with Glycerin
Image of Imago Hand & Body Wash, containing glycerin.
Imago Hand and Body Wash
Image of Imago Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion made with Glycerin
Imago Hand and Body Lotion
Image of Vitamin A Cream in 3 sizes
Vitamin A Cream
customer review of Vitamin a cream and Tea Tree Rescue Lotion
Customer review

















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