Sunday Spotlight - Ingredients.

Sunday Spotlight – Cucumber Extract

Sunday Spotlight – Cucumber Extract

Choosing Cucumber Extract for my first Sunday Spotlight was a given!  Just because it is one of my favourite ingredients.  Containing minerals such as magnesium and potassium, along with other components, means that it supports the skin at a cellular level.  These two minerals help the skin to retain and control moisture levels in the skin.  Vitamin C and Caffeic Acid, (a chemical from plants), have antioxidant qualities.  Another substance, Lutein, can help with skin pigmentation and a high silica content helps to boost collagen. This Collagen boosting effect helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

How I discovered Cucumber Extract

I started using Cucumber Extract after finding one of my favourites, a deep moisturising ingredient, was altered to include Propylene Glycol.  That product is a by-product of the petroleum industry.  After discovering this fact, I had to remove the ingredient from my range of products.  As I state that  I do not use petroleum-based ingredients in Imago Skincare.   I found the process of finding a replacement a little challenging.   It was vital that I find a product with the same properties.  I realised that I would need more than one product to get the desired effect.  While the product I was currently using contained Propylene Glycol, it also contained some useful plant extracts.

I decided to blend Hyaluronic Acid and Cucumber Extract and that resulted in my products being more effective.  The two substances have a synergistic effect when used together and, in addition, the Cucumber Extract is made using glycerine which lends even more moisturising qualities to the finished product.

Cucumber in Folklore

Cucumber has a strong reputation in folklore for its benefits to the skin.  Everyone knows how lovely cucumber slices feel on the eyes!  The instant soothing and cooling effect is felt straight away.  *“Cucumber is a diuretic tonic that improves the elimination of excess fluids,”  Why not eat a few slices too! Culpepper, one of the first herbalists, writes about lots of uses for cucumbers for skin issues.  Cucumber has been used for centuries because of the hydrating, anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as its soothing and cooling effects   The plant is thought to have been first grown in India and is also said to have cleansing properties.

Where I use Cucumber Extract

I use this extract in many of my products, including all moisturisers, masks, cleansers and eye products. Cucumber Extract has a wonderful fresh smell which means it needs no added essential oils, making it ideal for eye products. You can see some of the products that contain Cucumber Extract below.

Firm and Nourish Moisturiser
Firm and Nourish Moisturiser – 15, 50, 100ml
Imago Youthful Glow Mask
Youthful Glow Mask – 100ml
Imago Supporting Eye & Neck Formula
Supporting Eye and Neck Formula – 15, 50, 100ml
Imago New Soothing Arnica Eye Gel
Soothing Arnica Eye Gel and Mask – 15ml
Imago Firm and Nourish Cleanser
Firm and Nourish Cleanser -50, 100ml














*Healing Herbs – Sari Harrar and Sara Altshul O’Donnell

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