Hello!  I am Pauline Thompson, Skincare Alchemist and founder of Imago Skincare.

Formulating Skincare Products
The Alchemy Workshop – record keeping for Good Manufacturing Practice

Why Imago?  Imago is the term used to describe the final stage in the development of a butterfly, (and other insects), when they become those beautiful creatures we all know and love so much!

Imago skincare can really transform your skin so that your beauty can shine through!

Imago handmade and bespoke products have been in development since 2004.  The raw materials used in the products are derived from plant and marine sources!

I started making skincare several years ago after attending training courses in Forres, Scotland with Kolbjorn Borseth, director of Aromantic skincare. Ever since the training, I have been working towards creating my range of products containing the best ingredients to nourish and care for your skin . The products were designed for specific skin types or needs and are formulated with ingredients to obtain the desired results. I have been known to spend 3 years perfecting a product.

You won’t see any exaggerated claims on this website!  The foundation of my brand is honesty – I formulate the products by researching the ingredients that will help achieve the solution, or benefit I’m looking for.  You can ask me anything and always get an honest answer!

The word “natural” is not a regulated term, so there are lots of different interpretations.  If this is an issue for you please see my statement on my version of natural by clicking on the image below.

Question, what does the term natural skincare really mean

I believe that I have a natural ability to choose ingredients that make the best possible product. As a qualified aromatherapist, I use well selected essential oils to fragrance my skincare and the oils are specifically chosen to enhance their effectiveness. The products have a holistic aspect in that the essential oils have therapeutic effects, such as stress relief or enhanced sleep.

Creating Skincare Products
Weighing ingredients

The range of products are formulated, produced, labelled and shipped by me – so I have full responsibility for quality control!

I have been using my products as a therapist for several years – when wearing my therapist hat, I have another business – a thriving salon where we use all my products.  Our clients love them and they are now our best selling retail line.  People who use the products often comment that they cannot believe the difference they make to their skin!

labelling a product
The final stage – Labelling the product