Natural remedies for dry skin in the finished product

Body Scrub and Soak

The Story Behind The Creation of Imago Skincare Body Scrub and Soak

Natural remedies for dry skin abound in nature so I was spoilt for choice when I went to work on this product.  A customer asked me for a salt scrub with a citrus fragrance and I worked on this product for three years to get it right.  The oil just kept separating from the salt so I tried lots of different types of vegetable oils before trialling coconut butter and BINGO! it worked. It seems pretty obvious now but, as they say “hindsight is a wonderful thing! Anyway, at last, I successfully created Seriously Citrus Body Scrub and Soak was created and it really is a perfect product, even if I do say so myself! After that, I  went on to create three more fragrances:- Relaxing Rose, Coconut and Lime and Lavender and Lime.

I just love making this product, I think it’s my favourite one to make, not least because the fragrances just fill my workshop making me relaxed and happy.  It is completely natural as I add no preservatives, only a natural anti-oxidant.


The ingredients in themselves are natural remedies for dry skin?

  • I use Authentic Dead Sea Salt (I have a certificate to prove it!) Dead Sea Salt exfoliates the skin but it is also thought to have other benefits for easing aches and pains, such as lower back, joint and muscle aches.
  • I absolutely love Organic Coconut Butter! It is one of the natural remedies for dry skin. As well as the fact that it smells delicious, it is the main reason Imago Body Scrub and Soak is so deeply moisturising and conditioning to the skin. It is solid but melts at when applied to the skin.
  • Organic Jojoba Oil has a chemical composition very close the sebum, the natural moisturising substance produced by the skin and is an occlusive, meaning that it helps slow down Trans-epidermal water loss – another one of nature’s natural remedies for dry skin.
  • Organic Calendula Oil has been used for centuries to treat many different skin issues, including dry skin. It was considered an essential item in any first aid kit in times gone by.
  •  I create the beautiful fragrances by blending Essential Oils. (see fragrances below)
  •  As well as the above, I use a natural, plant based antioxidant to improve the shelf life of the product.
Image of callendula oil one of nature's remedies for dry skin
Callendula oil has been used for centuries as one of nature’s natural remedies for dry skin

How to use it 

You can use this product in the shower but I like to make a spa experience of it, (minus the hefty price tag!)  I always use the product in the bath.  I take a glass of wine, some candles and a good book and give myself some “me time”!

Either way, massage the scrub all over the body into damp skin, however you have a choice. Either rinse off in the shower or sink down into your warm bath and let those fragrances fill the bathroom!  You will be able to experience the gorgeous aromas,  just the way I do when they fill my workshop! Take as long as you like, trust me, you deserve it!

When you eventually emerge, not only will you be relaxed, revived, your equilibrium restored but in addition, you will have fragrant, silky smooth skin! There is no need for any other moisturiser as your skin will feel like silk and the effects last for days!

Preparation for some “me time”. Your skin will love you for it too!
Preparation for a “me time” spa
experience at home.

When to use Imago Skincare Body Scrub and Soak

  • Great to use before a holiday to get your skin in great condition and help get an even tan.
  • Use before a spray or rub in tan to help gain a lasting and even tan.
  • Use in a foot spa to relax, unwind and treat dry, flaky feet.
  • After a holiday if your skin is dry and flaky from too much sun.
  • Any time you feel like your skin needs a boost.
  • When you need some me time – this is all about you!
Imago Skincare Collection Tranqillity Pack Gift Set Contents 1
Set of two products. Body Scrub and Soak Relaxing Rose and Seriously Citrus.






The Fragrances

As I said earlier, I started the Imago Skincare Body Scrub and Soak journey by formulation Seriously Citrus – a light, refreshing and uplifting blend of citrus oils with a low note of Rosemary. After the Seriously Citrus, I developed Relaxing Rose, which “does what it says on the tin”.  I fragranced this version with Rose Geranium essential oil.  Next, I decided upon Lavender and Lime for my fragrance.  I chose these two essential oils to create a fresh fragrance that is both uplifting and calming. Coconut and Lime is the last version I developed. This is the only product I make in which I have included a man-made fragrance.  The reason for this is because there is no such thing as coconut essential oil.

image of gift set of two jars of imago body scrub and soak which is full of ingredients that are natural remedies for dry skin
Affordable luxury gift set of two jars of Body Scrub and Soak