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Behind the Scenes at Imago Skincare


As you may already have guessed, Imago Skincare products are made exclusively by me, Pauline Thompson!  I’ve been working on my products since 2004 and have a respectable range of products.  I recently decided that I would show you how the products are made.  The attached video shows how I make Youthful Glow Mask.

The First Stage

The formulation stage has already taken place, however, it is a requirement of GMP, (Good Manufacturing Practice), that detailed records are kept of each batch made, including  recording the batch number and supplier of each ingredient, so as to ensure traceability in the unlikely event that there is a problem with any of the ingredients.   The date the product was made and how many units  produced is also recorded.

So this stage involves looking at the previous batch and using the records to make the next batch of product.

The Weighing Stage

All the ingredients are weighed, including the liquids – this makes for a more accurate and manageable formula.  Most products are made in stages and the first two stages are the fat stage and the water stage – Emulsifiers are used to facilitate the mixing of oil and water.

The Heating Stage

Integral to the success of the product, the two stages need to be heated to high temperatures before they can be blended together.  Bob, the bain-marie helps in the speeding up of this process. Depending upon the emulsifiers, different temperatures must be reached.  For example in the case of the product I made during the video, both stages must reach 80 degrees before being blended together with a hand blender.

The Cooling Stage

The mixture needs to be stirred by hand (until I get better equipment), until it is cooled down to 40 degrees, when the stage 3, heat sensitive ingredients can be added.  Stirring continues until the product cools to 25 degrees.

The Essential Oils

The interesting stage!  This is when the fragrance is added and my workshop fills with the beautiful aromas.  Adding before the product reaches 25 degrees would detract from the aroma as essential oils are volatile and would evaporate and diffuse if the mixture was above that temperature.

The Packaging Stage

Bottling the products always takes an age, however, it is a lot easier since I bought Betsy, the bottle filler.  She’s great and makes things much easier, however, it is still time consuming as you have to ensure there is as little air in the product as possible.  It can get messy!

Finally – the Labelling Stage

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, this is not my strong point.  I make the labels myself printing them on my trusty Samsung laser printer – I could probably fill a river with the tears I’ve shed getting them right!  Getting them straight is also something I struggle with.  So the end product is absolutely gorgeous, solution focused skincare – now that IS my strong point.

Check My Approach if you want to know how I formulate the products and how they came about.

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